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Rig Design

We have developed Rig & Sail Plans for numerous America’s Cup, Volvo, Grand Prix, and performance cruising boats. Our customized software allows us to quickly take the basic boat dimensions and righting moment information to develop load cases. Geometry development is based on a vast number of projects and history to then get estimated loads to develop mast laminates and weights to suit the loads and goals for the project. A highly customized global FEA program can further estimate mast bends, tube bending moments and stresses. This package can then be handed off for input into sail design packages for further development

Finite Element Analysis

We utilize Femap for pre/post-processing geometry with Nastran Solvers primarily for composite shell analysis for local buckling, stress, or non-linear analysis of mast sections, and composite structures. Solidworks Cosmos Simulation is another tool used primarily for solid part analysis. The speed to get results has made it more accessible and cost effective than in the past.

Project Management / Research & Development

A lot has to go right to win an America’s Cup. We have been part of two winning Cup design teams during a revolutionary period of yacht design. We have seen heavy displacement boats give way to lightweight foilers and rigid winged sails. The Around the World races continue to shatter records as the innovations continue to push the boundaries of design. With experience spanning over 30 years in the industry, we continue to work with diverse teams pursuing ideas and concepts to turn them into working machines. So much goes into the entire process and we have the expertise to convert ideas into reality.

3D design.jpg
3D Design & Drafting

Custom part design and drafting; We have all the tools to create a three dimensional model from a sketch or concept. This geometry can then be used for further analysis and optimization or be processed to deliver directly to the machine shop, 3D printer, or builder. Between Solidworks, Rhino, and AutoCad we can create anything.

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Professional Sailing

Scott is a highly skilled dinghy (still sailing a Moth) and offshore sailor. A three- time Collegiate All-American and world champion helmsman, he has competed in numerous regattas all over the world as well as offshore races including the Bermuda Race and the Fastnet. He is available to augment your crew as a helmsman, watch captain, tactician, navigator or sail trimmer.  

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